Artist : Leohnart
Format : Digital Download

Label : XYZ (When We Dip)

The Elements EP is a perfect summary of Leohnart’s art. As a lover of nature, he enjoys cultivating and recharging his creativity through the simplicity of the natural world. Touching upon each of the elements, the four track EP is a well-rounded trip through a dense audible landscape.

Baobabs and Whales display Leohnart’s ability to construct reflective arrangements. Sturdy grooves command these two tracks, with muted melodic elements providing room for solemn thoughts.

Nebulae welcomes lighter notes into the fold, reflecting a melodic quality that is a signature of Leohnart’s sound. With percussive rhythms guiding listeners into deep grooves, a revolving bassline caps off a gorgeous gem.

Capping off the EP, Elders commands a breakbeat with an incredible floating melody. Organic textures and sensual rhythms connect to form a stunning piece; a perfect soundtrack for the lighter moments in life.