Release Date : 25 février 2022
Artist : Leohnart
Format : Digital Download

Label : SOL/XYZ (When We Dip)

Leohnart makes a highly anticipated return in what is his debut on XYZ’s SOL imprint. The Montreal-based artist brings his signature introspective touch to the label with a sumptuous four-tracker.

‘One Day’ leads the EP, offering up a deep journey, which fuses tribal rhythms, delicate atmospheric touches and an emotive, entrancing synth-line.

‘Evolution’ expands on the ethereal feel with beautifully textured synth work and lush chords, building slowly with soothing atmosphere and a similarly captivating ambiance.

‘Rise & Fall’ takes a fresh turn, contrasting hope and eery tension in a beautiful arpeggiated melody that evolves throughout the track, offering up a vibrant trip to new lands.

Closing out the EP on an optimistic note is ‘Around Me’, which once again showcases sublime rhythms and intricate melodies in an uplifting finish to the release.