There For You

Release Date : 26 août 2021
Artist : Leohnart
Format : Digital Download

Label : Cosmovision Records

We are in a new era, a time that many say has come to connect with the sacred feminine energy and sow the seed of healing to the wounded masculine energies. It is time to reconnect with the mother’s energy and ancestral wisdom, leave our fears behind and wake up all together.

In ‘Cantos a la Madre’ (Chants to the Mother) each artist presents an interpretation of the concept of ‘mother’ in their own ‘chant’, forming a multilingual compilation that investigates the development of a new electronic music in harmony with the lyrical tradition of different cultures. It includes songs in the native languages of South America such as Quechua, bits of Mapudungun, and interesting musical creations in German, Ukrainian, Hebrew, as well as many in Spanish, English, and more.

With a large feminine presence plus the invitation to work in a mixed way between women and men, the album is an attempt to take electronic music one step further, highlighting the use of the human voice and, as well, reflecting on this broad and wonderful concept of ¨the mother¨, a concept that is transversal to all living beings on this planet.

We invite the public to listen and collaborate with this project with the intention that any help, whether in donations or simply by sharing this album (that’s free!), is in itself a little but important seed for the rebirth of this art and part of its community, plus all donations on Bandcamp will go directly to the artists, heavily affected by the closure of all live shows for a long time.

We hope you enjoy this release with touches of folktronica, downtempo, house, and experimental, created with endless love as a musical jewel to delight not only the ears but also the heart and soul.